For us landscape design is the establishment of relations between the built form, surfacing and outdoor constructions, earth, rock forms, bodies of water, plants, open space, and the general form and character of landscape.

From the stark landscapes of Ladakh to the lush forests of Bandhavgarh and Corbett, from the dry yet abundant wildlife of Kenya to the impregnable greens of Sahyadris, our travels have been our inspirations from the beginning.

Be it travel to explore the works of master architects like Geoffrey Bawa, Santiago Calatrava and Antonio Gaudi or travel to remote locations to seek refuge in nature, each journey has been a teacher.

Our explorations have led us to experiment the joy of growing organic vegetables on a farm and a terrace where we can study the natural processes at close proximity whilst growing our own food ! These in turn reinforce our belief in ‘design with nature’ and help us interact better with enthusiastic students when we interact during design studios.

Subconsciously we have tried to bring these learnings into our designs in terms of scale and proportions, context, response to site and natural and biological processes.

Our primary emphasis is on the human content, the relations between people and the landscape – Man and the Land. We treat ‘form’ as an element of art which, at it’s basic,  is a three dimensional geometric figure, as opposed to a shape, which is two dimensional, or flat.

Our designs grow out of a site and are integrated in such a way that it forms a part of the surrounding and topography. We do not believe in imposing designs on land and ideas on the client ! We understand the likes, beliefs, lifestyle of our clients and design in accordance with their thoughts and come up with aesthetic design solutions that are site specific and sustainable. By introducing the clients to aspects of nature like flowers, plants and ecology they get into a routine of observation which eventually lends an emotional connect with nature and the space becomes more personal.

Our strength lies in using our creativity to generate design ideas which integrate the outdoor and the indoor, the un-built and the built so as to create a seamless experience.

Our concerns in every project spring from the clients ‘Wish list’, whether Aesthetic, Functional, Social or Cultural. Combined with our design sensibilities, the context and the site parameters we manage to create a landscape that can be apprehended from afar and experienced from within.