Landscape for Toddlers Pre Primary School

Landscape for Toddlers Pre Primary School
Kondhwa Pune

Project Type
Landscape for pre primary school

Site Area
1 acre

Completed in 2017

Mr.Murtuza Rahim

Toddlers Pre Primary School

Artha Studio

Proudly educating preschoolers since 1983, Toddlers is much more than a school. Their philosophy is to create ‘A Happy Child’. The school strives to make learning a fun experience that goes beyond reading and writing and want every child to feel secure, confident and successful.

It came as a fun filled challenge to design spaces for pre schoolers! We wanted to promote interaction with the outdoors as a learning tool. Since years 3 to 6 is an age where the brain is busy accumulating everything that happens around through their senses, we planned the landscape around the ‘Five Senses’. Each area was meticulously planned to have a wholesome sensory experience – by stimulation of the senses where the children are encouraged to touch, feel, see, taste and hear.

Outdoor courts are designed as extensions of classrooms with multi level seats. These are vibrant and colourful spaces with the floor becoming either a pattern with a story or a drawing surface. The water court is made deeper which doubles up as a splash pool for fun ! It is finished in china mosaic with waves and underwater life patterns.

Gathering spaces for various activities are created in the front and the rear depending on the site contours and shade pattern. A small do-it-yourself vegetable garden, a sound board, a tactile garden, a fragrant garden and some fun sight experiences give the much needed variety of experiences and introduce the children to learning through senses.