Landscape for Residential Villa scheme

Landscape for Residential Villa scheme

Project Type
Landscape for Residential scheme with Premium villas

Site Area
12 acres


Assetz Properties, Bangalore

Project Architect
Space Matrix, Bangalore

Landscape can not be seen to merely complement the architectural style of the building. Rather it is an extension of the very personality and essence of the project itself. ‘The spiral’ representing the golden mean spiral is symbolic of life’s unfolding mysteries and is the finest example of Sacred Geometry. Central to the entry space this is seen as the origin from where the landscape spirals and grows outwards and forms the main spine or the main pathway which connects all the areas together. The core is identified with a large indigenous tree/sculpture and a circular pattern on the ground.

The open spaces are designed as a series of courts – each dedicated to a ‘Garden of sense’. The main spine meanders through each. Activities, amenities and the open spaces are woven such that the area appears one whole & not as fragmented pieces.

The overall character is more like a tropical garden with natural stone, garden art work, lights, timber areas & tropical plants mix to give it a lush feel. The site will be dotted with islands of indigenous trees like a sacred grove which will be incorporated in the overall design.