Yoga and Healing Retreat

Pasure, Bhor

Project Type
Landscape for a Yoga and healing retreat

Site Area
3 acre


Mr.Bharat Phadke

Project Architect
Ar. Hemant Mahajan – Group Phi Architects, Pune

For bringing the project to life healing is identified as a major activity, where meditation, yoga and some other healing techniques involving five elements will be practiced in line with community living principles. These 4 filters are to be implemented at every stage of the project.

  • Eco friendly, zero waste and sustainable
  • Low maintenance
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Design sensibilities – overall rustic but high end look.

In continuation with the clients vision, the landscape design is proposed on the principles of Biophilia. Inducing “Healing” in an environment by creating a landscape to rejuvenate, breathe and bring one closer to nature. The site is looked upon as a large Healing space where the users can seek a respite in a green and healthy environment, disconnecting them from the everyday urban chaos and clutter all around – to bring about a change in the Mind, Body and Spirit through a complete healing process.