Farmhouse for Walimbe Family


Project Type
Landscape for a farmhouse

Site Area
5 acres

Completed in 2014


Project Architect
Group Phi Architects 

“To harmonize with the surrounding scenery, to enter into the spirit of the landscape, in the highest beauty of domestic building.”
— J.J. Thomas

Set very gently in the earth with tall trees dotting the site and beautiful vistas all around – such is the setting for the farmhouse.

The very earthy architectural character was so well suited to the site, that the landscape just creates a setting by playing with the ground plane. Small and cosy pockets are created as extensions of rooms with lawn and gravel areas and strategically planted trees. The entry area is spacious with a lawn mound and lush planting. A small lap pool with a water screen and deck is located amidst existing fine Teak trees. This area cascades down to the farmland.

The planting is tropical in nature with emphasis on ground plane and lush shrubs that add volume. The existing trees are used as elements with nothing tall to rival them.
The material palette is a simple and natural one with tones of yellow and black. The materials gel well with the very natural brick that is used for the bungalow. Natural materials like rough Shahabad and rough Kadappa are used for the entry areas and steps. Wood is used sparingly for the pool deck for warmth.